3 Times to Repair Blinds

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September 13, 2016 by

It can be a hard decision to know if it is better to repair your existing blinds, or put that repair money into upgrading to new blinds. There are three factors to consider ahead of time

  1. Value: Blinds that are worth over $200 make much more sense to repair than blinds worth $65. To fix your blind through Blind Magic Window Coverings in Edmonton, the cost ranges between $39.95 to replace a standard cordlock system, up to $124.95 for repairs on tension mounted Motorhome shades. The average cost of repair is around $65 per blind
  2. Age: Once high end blinds like Hunter Douglas have reached the 15 year point, they begin to break down. This is usually when the limited lifetime warranty has run out, and Hunter Douglas says the blind has lived for its expected lifetime. This is a particularly hard decision when only a few of your blinds new repairs, but you have these blinds in your whole home. Any high end blinds under 10 years old usually make a lot more sense to repair than to replace.
  3. Love: If you have blinds that really care about and have treated you well for years, it can make more sense to repair them. Some blinds just feel right. They have that perfect fabric that matches your interior. They use a top down bottom up lift system that provides that privacy you want, but the sunlight you need.