40 Day Replacement Blinds Guarantee

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February 14, 2017 by

40 Day Replacement Blinds Guarantee

Most companies have a guarantee that is something like “You can replace 1 blind for free at anytime in the first 5 years”. Or “We’ll come out and fix your blinds for free in the first year”. Or they simply enforce the guarantee that is provided by the manufacturer.

For Blind Magic, we have what is called the HunterDouglas 20/20 Gallery Gold Guarantee. This goes above and beyond our other guarantees. And what is says, is that if you ended up ordering to wrong blinds, we’ll order you new ones, FOR FREE!

Maybe you choose the wrong colour. It looks better in the sample book, than it did in on the shades in your home. Maybe you wanted to save money on your living room shades buy going with a standard cord lock, but now realize you want motorized shades.

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With the HunterDouglas 20/20 Gallery Gold Guarantee, you can reorder to blinds you really want, for FREE! The only cost will be an addition reinstallation fee. You’ll also have to pay for the difference if you are ordering more expensive blinds.

How does the Guarantee Work?

We ask that you give the blinds 20 days in your home. To give them a true chance, and see if they work. After 20 days, if you still don’t like them, let us know. Ideally you’d let us now in the within the first 40 days of installation.

We’ll then work with you to select the blinds that you really want. We’ll order them from HunterDouglas. And once they arrive, we set up an installation date. Our installer will come out, take down the old blinds and install the new ones.