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February 13, 2017 by

We are proud to announce we won the 2017 Best of Homestars Winner.

Murray over at Splash Tub & Tile was also a winner of the 2017 Homestars award. We had a good lunch catching up with him at the awards gala. The gala was held at the Mayfield Golf Course. There was a sandwich lunch buffet. With lots of photos and a beautiful view.

Homestars is the best Home Improvement review website out there. Google and Facebook don’t take much time or effort moderating reviews. Because this is Homestars primary business, they do a good job of it.

Here is Bob(the owner) looking awkward as he has his photo taken.

And here is a group photo of all the winners for the Homestars Best Of 2017.

If you’d like more information about what goes into selection process, here is Homestars post on the topic.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 12.36.03 PM“Whether you’re an avid HomeStars user or only use it once in a while, you’ve probably noticed a little crown icon on certain companies. This crown signifies that these companies are Best Of Award winners. Nine years ago, the Best Of Awards (BOA) were created to honour companies who are the best in their specific industry. They were also created as a way for HomeStars to show you, the homeowner, that your reviews really matter and impact a company’s success.

There are 3 main factors when it comes to a company achieving and maintaining Best Of status, the ingredients to their secret sauce, if you will. We’ve broken down the top 3 factors: Integrity, Customer Service, and Consistency.


These companies have a proven track record of exceeding the expectations of their clients. They do not over promise or over charge. These companies are honest and let you know if they’re going to be late, behind schedule, or if a part is going to cost more than expected. They communicate with you and work with you on your project. As a result, their reviews are from people who are genuinely happy to have worked with the company. You know that this company’s reviews are honest and you can feel good about reaching out to them for your next project.

Customer Service.

The customer service provided by these companies shows that they go above and beyond to help you with your project. Whether it’s timely response to emails and calls or being able to handle complaints in a professional way, the customer service provided is top notch. These companies also know that there’s no such thing as perfection. When they receive negative reviews, they are able to respond to them in a professional way and will always try their best to correct mistakes. They understand the job is more than just doing the task; it’s how it’s handled before, during and after.


You will notice that the majority of our BOA winners are multiple year winners. This is because they are consistent in what they do and every year their reviews reflect this. They have respect for their work and their reputation and ensure every new job they take on is as good as their last. Every experience and project will be different, and it is how they manage every project that sets them apart. If the company consistently delivers on their integrity and customer service, you know you’ve found a winner.

BOA winners can thank their integrity, customer service, and consistency when receiving their award. It is also important that they thank you, previous customers, for your honest and helpful reviews. Without the reviews from everyone in the HomeStars community, it would be very difficult to select these deserving companies. Whether you’re singing their praises or giving constructive criticism, your reviews help the whole community, including the deserving companies.

HomeStars wants to congratulate all of the winners in 2017 so far. You can see a full list of BCAB, and soon to be released ON winners on our blog and Facebook for event photos.

If you’ve hired a company and want to review them for the job done, click here. Every review counts!”

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