Blind Repairs & Resizing

Blind Cleaning

If you’re going to invest in high-quality window coverings, you have to make sure you take care of them. You bought your blinds to add elegance, protection and privacy to your home or office, but if you let smoke, bacteria, grime, and dust destroy them, you defeat their purpose. As well, not cleaning your blinds can lead to the breeding of dust mites, which releases allergens into your home.

To ensure that you have your blinds long-term, you need to clean and maintain them. Which is why we offer our ultrasonic cleaning service. This innovative type of cleaning does much more than just clean the fabric of your blinds. We also clean out the dust that has built up in the headrail of your blinds.

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Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Service

Our ultrasonic cleaning service is the latest invention in blind cleaning technology. Although it’s been used for years to clean jewelry, the process has only recently been used for cleaning blinds.

With this process, your blind system (including blind-slats, ladders, cords, and headrail) is immersed in an ultrasonic tank, where sound waves create millions of bubbles that travel through the water at high speeds, causing the bacteria and dirt to gently lift. Thus getting rid of having to scrub them, which often leads to scratches on the surface.

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The entire process is environmentally friendly and only biodegradable, mild cleaning agents are used.

This process is also endorsed by all major blind manufacturers including Hunter Douglas, Maxxmar and Levolor.

The Final Result of Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

After your blinds are cleaned with the ultrasonic blind cleaning process they will look refreshed, smell great and operate smoothly. They will be bright, clean, spotless and safer; with no new scratches, or other damage.


Ultrasonic cleaning guarantees that your blinds will be cleaner for an extended period of time – unlike hand dusting which increases static electricity and attracts dirt, causing grime and mildew to build up quicker.

Spot Cleaning

We also offer spot cleaning for smaller blind cleaning jobs. This is perfect if you get grease stains, water stains, or food spills like soy sauce or jam.

Hand Cleaning

For natural material blinds like woods and woven woods, we can’t use the Ultrasonic process because it cracks, warps, and shortens the lifespan of the blinds. For these blinds cleaning them by hand is the perfect solution. We go through and hand wash the cords and headrails, and moisturize the wood slates.

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Blind Repairs

Hunter Douglas Approved Service Dealer

We are one of the major dealers in Edmonton that provides Hunter Douglas Approved Warranty Work. When you bring in your blinds to us, we will ensure that they are fixed the right way with your warranty in tack.

We also provide service for Hunter Douglas Blinds that are no longer covered by warranty. The Hunter Douglas Limited Lifetime Warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the blinds. If your blinds are no longer covered by warranty, we can repair them.

Blind Magic Window Coverings BBB Business Review

Blind Recording

If the cords in your blinds have broken, you don’t have to throw out your blinds and buy new ones. Recording your current blinds is an inexpensive process that we do on a very regular basis. Customers love bringing their blinds that are 15 years old to get recorded, giving them another lease on life.

Motor-Home Blind Repair

One of our blind recording specialities is recording Motor-Home Blinds. We are one of the only Service centres in Alberta to provide this speciality service. These are tension mounted blinds, that are very difficult to repair. We have a trained specialist who knows how to complete these complex jobs.

Additional Blind Repair Services

We offer in house repairs of the following blind issues:

  • Cordlock: If your blind cord isn’t locking in your blinds into place, your blind cordlock is likely the problem. 
  • Cordloop: If your cordloop is broken, you won’t be able to raise or lower your blinds at all.
  • Tilter: If your tilting mechanism is broken, you won’t be able to turn your blinds up and down.
  • Rollershade Clutch: If your rollershade isn’t operating like it should be, it is likely an internal problem with the clutch mechanism.
  • Rollershade Chain: The rollor shade chain serves the same purpose as the cordloop. If the chain that you pull up and down to raise and lower your blinds is broken, you won’t be able to move your rollershade.


You can also buy the parts for these issues and repair them yourself. We sell cords, brackets, and many other parts.

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Blinds and Drapery Installation

Have you purchased blinds from an online or big box store dealer? But don’t feel comfortable installing the blinds yourself into high windows or just find the blinds more complex to install than you imagined. We offer full service installation of blinds and drapery, even of ones that we haven’t sold. Take advantage of our full-time trained installers.

We will book an installation time where one of our professional installers will come out to your home. He will have all the required tools and will properly install your blinds and/or drapery.

Blind Resizing

What is Blind Resizing/Cut Down

It is a process of cutting down the width of the blinds so they can fit into the windows they will be used in. Some blinds can also be shortened in the height of existing blinds. It is usually only worthwhile for valuable blinds like Hunter Douglas.

When to Resize Your Blinds:

  • After getting new replacement windows. The new windows can be bit smaller than the previous windows and your blinds need to be cut down to fit in the new frame.
  • For incorrectly measured window blinds and shades that you can’t return and need to fit your windows.
  • Taking expensive blinds with you to your new home, and resizing them to fit your new windows.

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