How To Clean Kitchen Greasy Faux Wood Blinds

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September 8, 2016 by

Here at Blind Magic Window Coverings, we sell Hunter Douglas Everwood Faux Wood Blinds. For our Edmonton customers, these have quickly become the favourite blind for customers on a budget.  Faux Wood Blinds are some of the easiest to clean, due to their durability and resistance to moisture. Faux Wood blinds are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, which means they can be the quickest to collect dirt, dust, and grime. Here are some simple steps to clean your faux wood blinds

  1. Vacuum/Dust Your Blinds: For Vacuuming, simply attach the brush attachment and suck off the dust on either side of your blinds. You can also do the same using a duster or a swiffer cleaner. Many times, this will be all you need.
  2. Wet Cleaning: The next step is to create a mild cleaning solution. This could include dish soap, or whatever preferred cleaning solution you have. Place some towels underneath the blinds to absorb any excess water that drips down. Close the blinds so they are facing downwards. Then go slat by slat, top down, cleaning each one with a sponge or cloth. You may have to repeat the process, letting the water and detergent take some time to loosen up the dirt.
  3. Clean Water: After repeating the process for both sides of the blinds, it is time to get a bucket of clean water. Again, use the clean water to wipe down the blinds and remove the excess soap or detergent. Once they have been washed down with clean water, you can determine if you are happy with how clean they are, or if they need more work.
  4. Dry the Blinds: If you are happy with the cleaning process. Set up a fan to blow towards the recently cleaned blinds. The air flow process will help dry areas you don’t notice. Also go through an use a dry cloth to wipe down the slats and areas where you notice moisture.
  5. Bathtub Cleaning: If you have some stubborn grease that won’t come off, or the strings on your blinds have a large amount of dirt build up, cleaning them in your bathtub is the next step. Here fill your bathtub up with warm water and detergent. Place the blinds in the water for 15 minutes to soak. You can also add vinegar to help cut through the grease. Once they have been soaked and cleaned, place them back up in the window.

Professional Blind Cleaning

We also offer professional cleaning for not only Faux Wood Blinds, but all other types of blinds to. For more information, visit our blind cleaning page at