Commercial Motorized Roller Shades

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Commercial Motorized Roller Shades

We are one of Edmonton’s top 2 suppliers for commercial motorized roller shades. In the commercial field, roller shades are the industry standard. They only really need to block the light during business hours. So their pitfalls when it comes to night time privacy are lessened.

Our primary supplier for commercial roller shades is Altex SunProject. They produce are extremely reliable roller shade at a very attractive price point. We installed the roller shades for Epcor Tower back in 2013. It was roughly 4,300 shades and we have had 0 callbacks to repair broken shades.

Epcor Tower

Epcor Tower Commercial Building

In general, most of the commercial roller shades we sell aren’t motorized. The blinds usually only need to move once a day, if that. Motorized shades are bigger benefit when the windows are extremely large, or there is frequent use of the blinds.

Edmonton International Airport Expansion

Above is a picture from the blinds we installed for the Edmonton International Airport Expansion. These windows are extremely tall and there is A LOT of them. If they were using manual roller shades, it would be somebodies full time job just to raise and lower the blinds through out the day.

Edmonton Pool Blinds

Above is another example of a pool with large windows and a lot of them. Having motorized roller shades makes it much easier on staff. And we even offer an option to have them automatically controlled by feedback from the sun. Where we would install a few sun sensors, and the blinds would automatically rise and fall based on the sun’s position in the sky.

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