Jobsite Cleanup

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March 1, 2017 by

Jobsite Cleanup

Cleaning up your home after your new blinds have been installed is a nice touch that not all companies do. To prevent issues, we always have our installers wear shoe booties. This helps to prevent them from tracking unwanted dirt and grime throughout your house.

After the installation is complete, they will go through and vacuum any dust, or shavings that they left from the installing the blinds. This is particularly important for concrete walls, because they had to drill holes in the concrete.

The installer will also remove all the boxes and packaging that your new blinds came in. He takes them back to our showroom and deposes of them in our waste bin. Other companies may leave the boxes for you to throw out. It costs money to have a weekly deposal contract, so they push the inconvenience factor onto their customers.

Our installers will also remove your old blinds and take care of deposing of them. They take them back to our showroom. If they have older uncommon parts, our staff will usually salvage what they can. We then depose of them in our trash bin.

Once the job site is clean to your satisfaction, the installer then will go through showing you how to operate your new blinds. Once that is done, they’ll have you sign off on their work.