Why Are You Running A $2,500 Giveaway?

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February 19, 2017 by

Why Are You Running A $2,500 Giveaway?

The idea of running a $2,500 Blinds Giveaway came from, what would be a dream come true for our customer? If you were looking to buy new blinds for your home, a dream come true would be to win them for free.

From the business point of view, we wanted people who visited our website to request a Free In-Home Consultant.

So the $2,500 Giveaway came from a combination of these 2 things. The customer has a chance to win their dream, of free blinds. And for us, we have a dream come true that prospects looking for a in home consultant leave their contact info.

Are there restrictions?

If you do win, we do expect that you do your full order through Blind Magic. Our first winner looked to get $2,500 worth of free blinds from us, and then buy whatever else they needed from a different dealer. We felt they were disrespecting our time, effort and energy, so we didn’t allow that.

There may be other ones in the future, we are still figuring this system out.

Am I still entered if I don’t request a Free Consultation?

Yup! We aren’t a pushy sales company that is going to hound you down for the next 30 days just cause you gave us your contact info. We only contact customers who request a consultant. Everybody has a more enjoyable experience this way.