What is Supply-Only Blinds?

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January 24, 2017 by

A Supply-Only window coverings order, is where you order blinds without having us install them for you. There are two main reasons you’d do this.

  1. You would prefer to install the blinds yourself, and save the installation cost. If you are moving into a new home, we recommend against this. When you buy a new home, there will be a million and one things to do, and adding one extra task with frustration doesn’t make sense. Where it does make sense if you are add a few blinds for your basement, and have lots of free time on your hands.
  2. You live a few hours outside of Edmonton. We have a lot of rural clients that buy blinds from us to get big city discount prices, pick up the blinds on a trip to the city, bring them home and install them themselves.

If you’d like a supply only quote, you can request it over the phone at (780) 484-2390 or enter the details into our contact form here.

In order to get a supply-only quote, we prefer if you know exactly the type of blinds you are looking for. For example, Duette Honeycomb blinds, white desert sand, Top-Down Bottom-Up, LiteRise, 45.5 inchs wide, 52 inchs tall. If you don’t know these details, we recommend you coming to visiting our showroom at 10615 170th Street Edmonton, AB, and picking out the right blinds with our trained staff.

Customer Testimonial for Supply Only Order

About three weeks ago, we pickup our new blinds from BLIND MAGIC and were
very excited to get them home and installed. There were three blinds, two
smaller side blinds, which were perfect. The larger middle blind was a full
ten inches too wide. We were thinking at the time that BLIND MAGIC had
submitted the wrong measurements, but since I had done the original
measurements and had signed for them there was no question that I, not BLIND
MAGIC was at fault. Since it could not be shortened to fit the opening we
were prepared to pay the cost of a replacement.
Perhaps it was the Christmas spirit or just BLIND MAGIC’S desire for total
customer satisfaction, I believe the later, they replaced all three blinds
at their cost.
This is the best example of customer service we have every experienced.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jim and Sylvia Gray – December 23, 2016