Talius Habitat Outdoor Patio Screens

Enhance Your Outdoor Lifestyle

Expand your outdoor living space with Habitat Screens™. Habitat Screens™ are the perfect solution for your deck, patio or garage. Talius Habitat Screens™ allow you to enhance your outdoor lifestyle with a spa enclosure or a complete retractable screen room. With Talius Habitat Screens™, you can enjoy easy access to extra privacy, cool shade and reduce the amount of annoying insects.

We can help to convert your patio or balcony into a retractable screen room. With custom-made solutions up to widths of 19’2”, Habitat Screens™ are your ideal outdoor solution.

Combine practicality with style. Habitat Screens™ are a practical alternative to traditional window treatments and blinds. Habitat Screens™ neatly retract into a 5” panel box and feature an innovative screen edge retention system that allows the screen to travel smoothly during operation and stops it from blowing out of the guide rails in windy conditions. Moreover, Habitat Screens™ are maintenance free and be easily cleaned with a garden hose!