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Residential Window Covering Sales Consultant


Sales consultants work closely with customers throughout the sales process. They foster a successful relationship endearing the customer to their business. These consultants handle any enquires produced by the client, investigate the issue and provide the necessary feedback. They work hard to network and negotiate with potential clients about their orders, generating revenue for the company.

Consultants process customer orders in a timely manner, ensuring the clients approval. They also work closely with other departments and teams, such as accounting and marketing. Sales consultants also use sales applications to update client information and requests. They often schedule appointments for sales representative and other consultants. Sales consultants keep normal office hours. They travel to client locations when needed.
Functions of Sales Consultants include:

• Attend sales meetings, conferences and events
• Handle clients in a professional manner
• Deal with customer issues
• Process customer orders
• Keep up to date with product developments
• Call clientele
• Devise new sales or marketing strategies
• Work with other departments
• Schedule appointments, calls, and meetings


• Be self motivated
• Be professional
• Be passionate about the sales industry
• Have superior expertise in sales
• Have quality customer service expertise
• Possess creative and innovative sales ideas
• Possess first-class time and project management capabilities
• Be able to do extremely well at internet and web marketing
• Have a driving record of accomplishments
• Be able to absorb information in a timely manner
• Have first-rate interpersonal skills
• Be able to network and negotiate


Previous experience in the window covering industry is a huge asset