Temporary Blinds in Edmonton, Alberta

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January 29, 2017 by

Using temporary shades(blinds) are a great trick when you move into a new home. They allow you to get the privacy you need, but are super inexpensive and easy to install. Using temporary blinds has been a trick a few of our customers have used, and something even our owner used, to give some more time to decide on the right window coverings for their home.

It isn’t uncommon for someone to have temporary blinds installed in their home for 6-8 months while they are deciding on the perfect window treatments for their home.

The temporary shades that we recommend and use are Redi Shade. They are a great and inexpensive brand. You simply cut them to the size of your window, then install them.

We do offer professional installation of these temporary shades, but it can cost $200 to $300, instead of the $40 to $70 it would cost to do it yourself.

By using temporary shades, you can sort all the other issues out first, that come with buying a new home. And once you have some free headspace, as well as a bit more money in the bank, you can pick out the right custom window coverings.

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